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The Bristol Collar

The Bristol Collar

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The Bristol Collar features an o-ring separation. The o-ring acts as a pivot point, which, when worn loosely, allows your dog to back out of their collar if they are snagged. This type of collar has been used for years by hunters and outdoorsmen with free-roaming dogs to prevent dangerous choking situations, but has gained popularity for daily use due to it's enhanced safety feature.

As an added bonus, it's a fun way to make color combinations!

Hardware color: all hardware is solid brass. The color options currently are Natural Brass or Nickel Plate. 

Color: Select one of the available colors of BioThane®

Accent color: This will be the second color of your collar. If you would like your collar all one color, select the same color.

Strap keepers are now included on all buckle-type collars.


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